My neck my back my anxiety attack
10:00 AM10:00

My neck my back my anxiety attack

In this body awareness workshop we will meet in an intimate home space to enter your inner knowledge. We will focus on meditation and breathing first before we move into the muscle area around the spine and neck. The focus of this workshop will sprout from the mind-thinking to the body reacting to it. My neck my back my anxiety attack is the theme of this workshop. After this workshop you will have a better understanding how to release the stress existing around your spine and neck. And hopefully you will leave this home space filled with peace and love.

The costs for this workshop are only 20euro!

I want to make this workshop available to anyone, so if the costs are too high please register and send me a message with your wishes.


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Chakra Ceremony
4:45 PM16:45

Chakra Ceremony

As a light gift for your heart, I invite you to unwind and restore your energy. Our chakra energy wheels are divided by body regions and each region has its own bodily knowledge. How these energy wheels are connected with the elements water, earth, air, wind, fire will become clear and logic in this ceremony. With the sensations of the five senses hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling and tasting I will guide you to enter your life force.

With the knowledge of your 7 chakras, you will be able to recognize stress in your body. You will understand how to guide the mind consciously using your breath while releasing blockages. This celebration is about discovering and finding awareness in your mind-body opening the subtle energy, an energy which connects us all.

What can you expect from this Chakra Ceremony:

Breathing exercises
Restorative Hatha Yoga
Chakra sequence asanas 
Sound healing
Energy healing

Normal costs: 35 euro
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Bring your yoga partner and receive a 5 euro discount for both!
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